TxtSmartFactoryLib  0.8.0
Smart Factory Library
Pin Assignment TXT controllers

TXT 1: Sensor Station with Camera (SSC)

TXT-IO Function
I1 Reference Switch Pan
I2 Reference Switch Tilt
I3 Photoresistor
I4 -
I5 Joystick X Front
I6 Joystick Y Front
I7 Joystick X Back
I8 Joystick Y Back
C1 Encoder Pan
C2 Encoder Tilt
C3 Joystick B Front
C4 Joystick B Back
M1 Motor Pan
M2 Motor Tilt
O5 LED camera red
O6 LED lights red
O7 LED lights yellow
O8 LED lights green
I2C Environmental Sensor

TXT 2,3: Multi-Processing Station with Oven (MPO)

TXT-IO Function
I1 (master) Reference switch turn-table (position vacuum)
I2 (master) Reference switch turn-table (position saw)
I3 (master) Reference switch turn-table (position belt)
I4 (master) Phototransistor end of conveyor belt
I5 (master) Reference switch vacuum (position turn-table)
I6...I8 (master) -
C1...C4 (master) -
M1 (master) Motor turn-table
M2 (master) Motor saw
M3 (master) Motor conveyor belt
O7 (master) Valve ejection
O8 (master) Compressor
EXT (master) TXT Extension
TXT-IO Function
I1 (extension) Reference switch oven feeder retract
I2 (extension) Reference switch oven feeder inside extend
I3 (extension) Reference switch vacuum (position oven)
I4 (extension) -
I5 (extension) Phototransistor
I6...I8 (extension) -
C1...C4 (extension) -
M1 (extension) Motor oven feeder
M2 (extension) Motor vacuum
O5 (extension) Valve vacuum
O6 (extension) Valve lowering
O7 (extension) Valve oven door
O8 (extension) Light oven
EXT (extension) TXT Master

TXT 4: High-Bay Warehouse (HBW)

TXT-IO Function
I1 Phototransistor Outside
I2...I3 -
I4 Phototransistor Inside
I5 Reference Switch horizontal axis
I6 Reference Switch cantilever retract
I7 Reference Switch cantilever extend
I8 Reference Switch vertical axis
C1 -
C2 Encoder horizontal axis
C3 -
C4 Encoder vertical axis
M1 Motor conveyor belt
M2 Motor horizontal axis
M3 Motor cantilever
M4 Motor vertical axis

TXT 5: Vacuum Gripper Robot (VGR), Delivery and Pickup Station (DPS)

TXT-IO Function
I1 Reference switch rotate
I2 Reference switch vertical axis
I3 Reference switch horizontal axis
I4...I6 -
I7 Phototransistor Delivery (DPS)
I8 Color Sensor (DPS)
C1 Encoder rotate
C2 Encoder vertical axis
C3 Encoder horizontal axis
C4 Phototransistor Pickup (DPS)
M1 Motor rotate
M2 Motor vertical axis
M3 Motor horizontal axis
O7 Compressor
O8 Valve

TXT 6: Sorting Line with Color Detection (SLD)

TXT-IO Function
I1 Phototransistor Color Sensor
I2 Color Sensor
I3 Phototransistor Ejection
I4...I5 -
I6 Phototransistor White
I7 Phototransistor Red
I8 Phototransistor Blue
C1 Pulse counter
C2...C4 -
M1 Motor Conveyor Belt
M2 -
O5 Valve Ejection White
O6 Valve Ejection Red
O7 Valve Ejection Blue
O8 Compressor