TxtSmartFactoryLib  0.8.0
Smart Factory Library
TxtSmartFactoryLib Documentation


The C/C++ library TxtSmartFactoryLib can be used to control the "Training Factory Industry 4.0" fischertechnik models. Current sources can be found at Github.

The factory contains 6 TXT controllers. The pin assignment for these TXT controllers is described in the following section.

The MQTT interface for the TXT controllers is described in the following section

Training Model Stations

The factory consists of the following stations:

  • SSC: Sensor Station with Camera
  • HBW: High-Bay Warehouse
  • VGR: Vacuum Gripper Robot
  • DPS: Delivery and Pickup Station
  • MPO: Multi-Processing Station with Oven
  • SLD: Sorting Line with Color Detection